Dido & Aeneas – love, deceit and death

Ooppera Artico produces Henry Purcell’s baroque opera, Dido & Aeneas, sung in Finnish in KokoTeatteri, Helsinki in September.

Originally the story is located in ancient Carthage, but now the setting is present West Africa.

Queen Dido surrenders to love after a careful consideration and accepts Aeneas’s proposal. However, the witches have planned their own schemes for the ruin of Dido and the whole kingdom, and a cruel fate awaits for the sovereigness.

The opera is conducted by Matias Häkkinen and directed by Anselmi Hirvonen and the cast includes Laura Pyrrö, Matias Haakana, Ulla Paakkunainen, Marion Melnik and Olli Tuovinen. Orchestra is gathered from Ensemble Nylandia and choir from Kaari-ensemble.

Performances: Fri 6.9. 7 pm, Sat 7.9. 7 pm, Wed 11.9. 7 pm, Fri 13.9. 7 pm and Sat 14.9. 2 pm

Tickets: 27/19 euros, www.tiketti.fi

Further information: www.kokoteatteri.fi, www.facebook.com/oopperaartico