Merikanto-tour supported by Concert Centre starts in October

Soprano Laura Pyrrö, cellist Jussi Makkonen and pianist Rait Karm leave for a tour around Finland with a Merikanto program.

The program of the concert consist of music of Oskar Merikanto, a beloved Finnish composer. The music numbers performed include Valse Lente, Kevätlinnuille etelässä, Kun päivä paistaa and Ma elän!, among others. Besides the musical part, Jussi and Laura tell facts and interesting stories about the composer’s childhood, studies abroad and his work as a composer, organist and a pianist – Merikanto was a true multi-talent and plaeyd many roles in the Finnish music scene.

The tour stars in the beginning of October from Nokia, and other cities visited during the semester include Tampere, Ylöjärvi, Turku and Pyhäjoki, among others.

The performance is especially suitable for young people and children attending basic school and high school, and the spoken parts will be altered according to the age of the audience.

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