Ooppera Artico goes rococo: Ars longa, vita brevis!

As it’s second production, Ooppera Artico brings on stage Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera in one act, Mozart and Salieri, and a scenic prologue which includes W. A. Mozart’s motet Exsultate, jubilate (KV165).

Opera is based on Alexander Pushkin’s play and got it’s premiere in 1898.
In the opera Salieri greatly admires Mozart’s music. Still he curses, that God gave himself only the passion for composing but not even close Mozart’s gifts and ability to put it into practice. So he feels, that as a task given from above, he has to eliminate Mozart: not a single great man remembered decades after can get through life without committing a murder! Salieri pretends to be Mozart’s loyal companion and supporter in order to get the opportunity to poison him.

The opera will be performed in Finnish, motet in Latin.

Cast of the performance: soprano Laura Pyrrö, baritone Jouni Kokora, direction Anselmi Hirvonen.

Guest Stage in Tunturikatu, Tunturikatu 16 Helsinki

PERFORMANCES: Thu 22.3., Sat 24.3., Tue 3.4., Wed 4.4., Thu 5.4., Wed 11.4., Fri 13.4., Sat 14.4., all at 7 pm
Ticket reservations from Q-teatteri ticket office 09-45421333, collect from the door half an hour in advance.