Tell me the Truth about Love!

LauraPyrrö_c_LauriTuisku_editNo matter are you an enchanting mademoiselle from paris, a fateful Gypsy princess from Hungary or a rakish wench from Carelia: everyone is fascinated and tormented by the same cause – love. This ancient myth will be unwrapped with cabaret music, operetta, chansons and folk songs. Feelings vary from ecstasy to despair and writing farewell letters – with a hint of humor! Did Nanna keep on trusting love, did Vilja return to her beloved one – or is it worth it in anyway to cry just about love?

Soprano Laura Pyrrö and pianist Tiina Korhonen lead the audience to amorous feelings in Music Theatre Kapsäkki in Helsinki on Sunday February 23rd at 3 pm and in Taiteilijakoti Erkkola in Tuusula on Sunday May 25th at 6 pm and 8 pm.

The performance lasts about an hour, and songs will be heard in Finnish, English, French and German.

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