Burlesque Baroque Opera about lust, abuse and credulity

Pimpinone+kuvat+141+muokattuGeorg Philipp Telemann’s flaccid baroque opera in KokoTeatteri!

Young bombshell Vespetta fantasizes about a better life and decides to acquire a high-class millionaire to sustain her. The new employer, older gentleman Pimpinone, turns out to be an excellent target. In order to get married Vespetta pretends to be a well-behaved and decent lady in a way that would make anyone else but Pimpinone suspicious about the accuracy of her stories.

The performance is outstandingly funny, extremely entertaining and musically splendid.
The opera is directed by Ville Saukkonen and visualised by Tyra Therman. Main roles are sung by soprano Laura Pyrrö and baritone Jouni Kokora.
Duration approximately an hour, performed in Finnish.

Premiere Fri 31.10., other performances Mon 3.11., Wed 5.11., Thu 6.11. and Fri 21.11., all at 7 pm.

Tickets: www.kokoteatteri.fi (Tel 050 321 9919), www.tiketti.fi (Tel 0600 116 16)
Further information: www.kokoteatteri.fi

Sales for private occasions: producer Milla Tommila (Tel 044 294 5522)

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6-BsGCesZI&feature=youtu.be