Opera in Kappeli

kappeliAmbient opera evenings start in Restaurant Kappeli on the 16th of March!

Restaurant Kappeli, which oozes the glamour of past times, was opened in the Esplanadi Park in Helsinki year 1867. Since then it has been widely known as a classy rendez-vous-spot.

Charmingly wistful opera arias and songs tell stories of spring, nature and love, and can be heard in the beautiful hall six times during the spring. Arias are composed by Mascagni, Mozart, Puccini and Melartin, among others.

There are two sittings on each day of the performance: 16.3., 6.4. and 13.4. at 5 pm and 8 pm.

Further information about the performance and dinner: https://www.raflaamo.fi/fi/helsinki/kappeli