Lehár’s rarely seen operetta Paganini!

An operetta-rarity by Franz Lehár, Paganini, is performed in Turku, Hämeenlinna and Lohja this March and April!

Despite of it’s historical characters, this fictional story opens the great love affair between violin virtuoso Niccolò Paganini and emperor Napoleon’s sister, princess Anna Elisa.

The main parts are sung by Jyrki Anttila, Laura Pyrrö, Hedvig Paulig, Jouni Kokora, Emilia Vesalainen-Pellas, Tiina Vahevaara, Vikke Häkkinen and Ville Salonen.
Director of the production is Anselmi Hirvonen and Helsinki University Symphony Orchestra and Lohja Operetta Choir are led by conductor Mikk Murdvee.

Further information: http://www.operart.fi/ohjelmisto/