Savitri returns to summerly Helsinki!

Opera Savitri, composed by Gustav Holst and based on the ancient, Indian Mahabharata, returns after last summer’s success! The performances take place on the verdant courtyard of the Helsinki University’s Snellmania-building in the very heart of the beautiful Helsinki.

The opera is directed by Juulia Tapola and main parts sung by soprano Laura Pyrrö, bass-baritone Jouni Kokora and tenor Matias Haakana. Performers include also a quartet from Kaari-ensemble choir, a pianist, a violinist and a sitar player.

Duration approximately 40 minutes, performed in Finnish.

Performances on Friday June 8th at 7 pm and Saturday June 9th at 4 pm.

Tickets 15 euros, pre-orders, Tel 050 368 5181  or  e-mail