Finnish musicians at the Cyclades

In October at the island of Syros in Greece takes place the 2nd Symposium of the Academy of Cultural Heritage and also a concert, in the beautiful Theatre of Apollon. The theatre building, located in the city of Ermoúpoli, was built in the 1860’s and the resemblance with the La Scala opera house in Milan, Italy is obvious.

Performers in the concert are soprano Laura Pyrrö, violinist Mikael Stoor, violist Mikko Metsälampi, cellist Jaani Helander and pianists Eila and Eero Tarasti.
The program includes music from composers Jean Sibelius, Richard Wagner, Reynaldo Hahn, Giacomo Puccini, Ernst Chausson, Gabriel Fauré and Eero Tarasti.

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