The Marriage of Figaro in Joensuu!

Joensuu Opera brings this fantastic opera by W. A. Mozart on stage in January and February!

The farce-like opera buffa based on Pierre Beaumarchais’ play tells the events of a one day: how will servant Figaro be able to walk down the aisle with his beloved Susanna, when also the Count desires her and is planning to renew the “droigt de seigneur”, his frist night’s right?

Opera is directed by Markku Pölönen and Joensuu City Orchestra conducted by Huba Hollókői.
The main roles are sung by Kristian Lindroos, Laura Pyrrö, Angelika Klas, Markus Nieminen, Ann-Marie Heino, Marjatta Airas and Jukka Romu.

Performances will take place in Joensuu’s Carelia Hall; the opera is sung in Italian and subtitles in Finnish.
Premiere on Jan 25th, other performances Jan 26th, Jan 31st, Feb 1st and Feb 2nd 2019.

Tickets: Ticketmaster and Carelicum