La Belle Époque concerts in Barcelona and Provence

Helsinki University’s Music Society arranges two concerts in collaboration with Barcelona’s Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya music university and Darius Milhaud Conservatoire in Provence.

The first concert takes place in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday, May the 19th in the music university’s hall and the second one in Aix-en-Provence, France on Wednesday, May the 22nd in the conservatoire’s hall.

The program consists of Finnish, German and French music from composers Jean Sibelius, Richard Wagner, Ernst Chausson, Gabriel Fauré, Reynaldo Hahn and Eero Tarasti, among others.

The performers in the concerts are soprano Laura Pyrrö, violinist Mikael Stoor, violist Mikko Metsälampi, cellist Jaani Helander and pianists Eila and Eero Tarasti.