Mozart’s Requiem in Tuusula and Kerava

W. A. Mozart’s Requiem is performed for the first time in Tuusula Church on Tuesday, October 29th. The same production is heard also in Kerava Church on Sunday, November 3rd.

Soloists are soprano Laura Pyrrö, mezzosoprano Tuula Saarenmaa, tenor Eero Hartikainen and bass Janne Kaksonen.
The piece is conducted by Teppo Salakka, choirs include Kerava Male Choir, Female Choir Tuulahdus and the child choir of Riihikallio music classes. Anna-Maria Lehtoaho plays the organ, Jan Takolander trombone and Joao  Lopes timpanum.

Concert in Tuusula starts at 7 pm and Kerava at 6 pm, programs can be purchased at the entrance.

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