Laura Pyrrö gets Pacius-award

Opera singer Laura Pyrrö has been granted the Pacius-award.

The prize is awarded by the University of Helsinki to honour the first music teacher of the university, composer Fredrik Pacius. It is granted to a person or an organization for significant work to advance the musical prime at the university.

Laura Pyrrö has performed for several years at the university music society’s concerts in Finland and on international tours in London, Paris, Strasbourg, Athens and Barcelona singing lieds and arias by Jean Sibelius, Richard Wagner, Giacomo Puccini and contemporary music, among others.

The award has been handed out since year 1991, and the previous grantees include John Storgårds, Ulf Söderblom, Monica Groop, YL Male Voice Choir, Mikk Murdvee, Sasha Mäkilä and Ville Saukkonen.

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Photo: Mojo Erämetsä