Finnish music and poetry at Satakunta Music Festival

Soprano Laura Pyrrö and pianist Tiina Korhonen perform at Satakunta Music Festival on Sunday 9th of August.

The concert is held in Tyrvää Parsonage starting at 4 pm.

The program “Katso pohjoista taivasta – Look at the northern sky” is gathered from the selection of poems in an anthology by the same name – either sung as songs or enunciated as poems.
Songs are composed by Jean Sibelius, Yrjö Kilpinen, Leevi Madetoja and Kaj Chydenius, among others, and poets inlcude V. A. Koskenniemi, Eino Leino, Aaro Hellaakoski, Jenni Haukio and many others.

For these two artists this concert is the first time in front of an audience since the pandemic restrictions commenced in the beginning of March!

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