Espoo City’s Independence Day Concert online until January 5th 2021

The Independence Day Concert organized by the city of Espoo can be seen online until the 5th of January 2021!

In this festive gala the Espoo Big Band plays with the following musicians: soprano Laura Pyrrö, Uusi Kipparikvartetti, Erin, Kasmir and the choir of Suna school. Ville Vannemaa conducts the orchestra and Christoffer Sandberg plays as the host.

The program consists of  Finnish music during the decades, introducing also a few foreign pieces.
Finnish songs heard in the concert include Finlandia, the National Hymn, Teddykarhujen huviretki, Pidä huolta, Myrskyluodon Maija and also some more recent repertoire from the artists performing in the show.

You can find the concert here: