The Merry Widow sails around Finland!

Franz Lehár’s enchanting operetta The Merry Widow sails around Finland year 2022!

Director Juulia Tapola has relocated the narrative to a cruise ship named Pontevedro II – which is loaded with charming melodies, dance and romance.

Cast includes Laura Pyrrö, Jyrki Anttila, Marika Hölttä, Jouni Kokora, Rolf Broman and Tuomas Miettola, among others.
The music is steered by Parlor Orchestra Operetta.

Performances coming up: Lappeenranta 28.5., Kuopio 29.5., Suomussalmi 3.7., Seinäjoki 9.12., Kokkola 10.12., Oulu 11.12.

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