The Merry Widow continues her tour

The Merry widow Hanna Glawari packs her gowns and travels around Finland to delight operetta listeners!


OperArt Jyrki Anttila’s production of Franz Lehár’s operetta visits this spring in Jyväskylä, Lahti, Hyvinkää, Kouvola, Lohja and Vantaa. When autumn arrives, the tour continues in Tampere and Espoo.

Main roles are sung by Laura Pyrrö, Jyrki Anttila, Hannakaisa Nyrönen, Jouni Kokora, Marika Hölttä, Johanna Lesonen, Tuomas Miettola, Jasper Leppänen, Johannes Pessi and Vikke Häkkinen.

The production is directed by Juulia Tapola, and the stage is packed also with a merry choir and Parlor Orchestra Operetta.

Performed in Finnish, duration 2,5 hours including intermission.

Further information in Finnish:

Gigli-2022 Gala Concert

Gigli-2022 Gala Concert will be held at the Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, on Sunday November the 6th!

After a pause for three years, also Italian singers will join the cast: the audience will be pampered by the magnificent singing of mezzosoprano Rossana Rinaldi and tenor Mauro De Santis.
Excellent Finnish musicians include sopranos Johanna Rusanen-Kartano and Saara Kiiveri, baritone Ville Rusanen, pianist Jari Hiekkapelto – and of course the hostess-soprano Laura Pyrrö.

The program consists of Italian, Finnish and French music; naturally inspired by the art of Beniamino Gigli and the spirit of bel canto.

The concert is organized by Finland’s Beniamino Gigli Association.

Venue is the Savoy Theatre in the heart of Helsinki, date November the 6th and the time 4 pm.


French Evening Rated R

Two opera rarities combined in one: the French Evening Rated R will take over the traditional Alexander Theatre, Helsinki, in September!

Opera BOX brings on stage Darius Milhaud’s bitter drama Le pauvre matelot (The Poor sailor) based on Jean Cocteau’s text. After the intermission the audience shall be thrilled by Maurice Ravel’s erotic farce, L’heure espagnole (The Spanish hour).

Both operas are directed by widely acknowledged Ville Saukkonen and chamber orchestra Ariadne is conducted by the young, rising talent Kaapo Ijas.

The cast includes sopranos Laura Pyrrö and Angelika Klas, tenors Heikki Halinen and Ville Salonen, baritone Tiitus Ylipää and basses Heikki Orama and Hannu Forsberg, among others.

Performances: premiere Friday 9th of September at 7pm, Sat 10th at 2 pm and Sun 11th at 2 pm

Further information in Finnish:

The Merry Widow sails around Finland!

Franz Lehár’s enchanting operetta The Merry Widow sails around Finland year 2022!

Director Juulia Tapola has relocated the narrative to a cruise ship named Pontevedro II – which is loaded with charming melodies, dance and romance.

Cast includes Laura Pyrrö, Jyrki Anttila, Marika Hölttä, Jouni Kokora, Rolf Broman and Tuomas Miettola, among others.
The music is steered by Parlor Orchestra Operetta.

Performances coming up: Lappeenranta 28.5., Kuopio 29.5., Suomussalmi 3.7., Seinäjoki 9.12., Kokkola 10.12., Oulu 11.12.

Further information:

Coffee Cantata in Hamina

Coffee Cantata composed by J. S. Bach will be seen in Hamina as a staged version!

Bach composed this work, also described as a comical opera, as a somewhat opposition to the coffee fad that had taken over Europe.

The production will have it’s premiere on Saturday May the 21st at 6pm at the Simeon Hall in Hamina, the second performance takes place on Sunday May the 22nd at 3 pm.

The piece is directed by Kari Arffman, the cast includes soprano Laura Pyrrö, tenor Niall Chorell and bassbaritone Kai Huopainen. The orchestra combining local professional musicians is conducted by Pekka Soranummi.

Prior to Coffee Cantata is heard Bach’s Orchestral Suite H minor.

The duration of the concert is approximately 1 hour, cantata is sung in Finnish.

Tickets (25 euros) are sold at the venue, also in advance at the Simeon Hall and Café Huovila in Hamina.

Gala concerts in Helsinki!

Two gala concerts in the heart of Helsinki in July!

The pandemic has been harsh to events industry, but beautiful, classical music can be heard in Helsinki this summer. These two smaller-scale open-air concerts will be completely safe, and all the restrictions are followed.
The program consists of opera, operetta, musical and tango; interpreted by luminous artists.

The concerts take place at Helsinki University Topelia building’s courtyard, address Unioninkatu 38.

The soloists are sopranos Laura Pyrrö and Angelika Klas (10.7.), tenor Jyrki Anttila (11.7.) and bassbaritone Jouni Kokora; accompanied by pianist Tiina Korhonen.

The first concert takes place on Saturday July the 10th at 6 pm, the second one on Sunday July the 11th at 2 pm.

The program costs 20 euros.
At the venue You can pay only in cash, no seats!

Make sure You fit in and book Your program in advance: or Tel 050 368 5181

Espoo City’s Independence Day Concert online until January 5th 2021

The Independence Day Concert organized by the city of Espoo can be seen online until the 5th of January 2021!

In this festive gala the Espoo Big Band plays with the following musicians: soprano Laura Pyrrö, Uusi Kipparikvartetti, Erin, Kasmir and the choir of Suna school. Ville Vannemaa conducts the orchestra and Christoffer Sandberg plays as the host.

The program consists of  Finnish music during the decades, introducing also a few foreign pieces.
Finnish songs heard in the concert include Finlandia, the National Hymn, Teddykarhujen huviretki, Pidä huolta, Myrskyluodon Maija and also some more recent repertoire from the artists performing in the show.

You can find the concert here:

All Together Now Finland now on channel four!

A completely new kind of a music entertainment show, All together Now Finland, starts on Finland’s TV-channel Nelonen on Saturday, October the 24th!

The thing that makes the show unique is a huge jury of one hundred musical professionals, who are cheering for the contestants. The more judges one makes stand up and sing along, the more points the competitor gets!

The captain of the jury is Laura Voutilainen, Jaana Pelkonen will play as the hostess and the judges besides Laura Pyrrö include Pete Parkkonen, Ilta, Elias Kaskinen, Irina, Laura Närhi, Tuomas Kantelinen, Eini, Mira Luoti and Chike Ohanwe, among others.

Further information in Finnish:


Finnish music and poetry at Satakunta Music Festival

Soprano Laura Pyrrö and pianist Tiina Korhonen perform at Satakunta Music Festival on Sunday 9th of August.

The concert is held in Tyrvää Parsonage starting at 4 pm.

The program “Katso pohjoista taivasta – Look at the northern sky” is gathered from the selection of poems in an anthology by the same name – either sung as songs or enunciated as poems.
Songs are composed by Jean Sibelius, Yrjö Kilpinen, Leevi Madetoja and Kaj Chydenius, among others, and poets inlcude V. A. Koskenniemi, Eino Leino, Aaro Hellaakoski, Jenni Haukio and many others.

For these two artists this concert is the first time in front of an audience since the pandemic restrictions commenced in the beginning of March!

Further information:

Laura Pyrrö gets Pacius-award

Opera singer Laura Pyrrö has been granted the Pacius-award.

The prize is awarded by the University of Helsinki to honour the first music teacher of the university, composer Fredrik Pacius. It is granted to a person or an organization for significant work to advance the musical prime at the university.

Laura Pyrrö has performed for several years at the university music society’s concerts in Finland and on international tours in London, Paris, Strasbourg, Athens and Barcelona singing lieds and arias by Jean Sibelius, Richard Wagner, Giacomo Puccini and contemporary music, among others.

The award has been handed out since year 1991, and the previous grantees include John Storgårds, Ulf Söderblom, Monica Groop, YL Male Voice Choir, Mikk Murdvee, Sasha Mäkilä and Ville Saukkonen.

Further information in Finnish:

Photo: Mojo Erämetsä

May Day Eve’s gala on air

Enchanting gala concert, streamed live on May Day’s Eve!

The city of Hyvinkää offers a festive gala concert to celebrate Labour’s Day – hence the pandemic, straight from Hyvinkää City Hall, via internet.

Performers are soprano Laura Pyrrö. baritone Markus Nieminen and pianist Tiina Korhonen. The program consists of true gems of stage music: from The Magic Flute to Carmen, The Phantom of the Opera and The Merry Widow.

Further information:

Viktoria and Her Hussar invite to enchanting melodies!

Paul Abraham’s eventful operetta Viktoria and Her Hussar entertains audience around Finland!

Main roles are sung by Laura Pyrrö and Jyrki Anttila, together with Merja Mäkelä, Jouni Kokora, Jukka Romu and Elli Vallinoja, among others.
The performance is directed by Anselmi Hirvonen and accompanied by Salonkiorkesteri Operetta.

In the spring 2020 the operetta is performed in Järvenpää, Vantaa and Lappeenranta, and in the autumn the shows go on in Joensuu, Kuopio and Lahti.

Futher information:

Opera meets Jazz!


Laura Pyrrö performs as a special guest star at Anna Inginmaa Jazzclub in November!

On Friday November the 22nd Tikkurila Kulttuuritehdas Vernissa offers a unique combination, when the stage is taken by soprano Laura Pyrrö and the musicians of the club’s own house band.

The program consists of classical music gems and also some lighter repertoire, of course with a hint of jazz.

Co-performers include pianist Arto Ikävalko, contrabassist Joonas Tuuri and percussionist Ville Luukkonen, and also the hostess of the club, Anna Inginmaa, entertains the audience.

Doors are opened at 8 pm and the rumble goes on until midnight.

Further information:

Mozart’s Requiem in Tuusula and Kerava

W. A. Mozart’s Requiem is performed for the first time in Tuusula Church on Tuesday, October 29th. The same production is heard also in Kerava Church on Sunday, November 3rd.

Soloists are soprano Laura Pyrrö, mezzosoprano Tuula Saarenmaa, tenor Eero Hartikainen and bass Janne Kaksonen.
The piece is conducted by Teppo Salakka, choirs include Kerava Male Choir, Female Choir Tuulahdus and the child choir of Riihikallio music classes. Anna-Maria Lehtoaho plays the organ, Jan Takolander trombone and Joao  Lopes timpanum.

Concert in Tuusula starts at 7 pm and Kerava at 6 pm, programs can be purchased at the entrance.

Further information in Finnish:

Dido & Aeneas – love, deceit and death

Ooppera Artico produces Henry Purcell’s baroque opera, Dido & Aeneas, sung in Finnish in KokoTeatteri, Helsinki in September.

Originally the story is located in ancient Carthage, but now the setting is present West Africa.

Queen Dido surrenders to love after a careful consideration and accepts Aeneas’s proposal. However, the witches have planned their own schemes for the ruin of Dido and the whole kingdom, and a cruel fate awaits for the sovereigness.

The opera is conducted by Matias Häkkinen and directed by Anselmi Hirvonen and the cast includes Laura Pyrrö, Matias Haakana, Ulla Paakkunainen, Marion Melnik and Olli Tuovinen. Orchestra is gathered from Ensemble Nylandia and choir from Kaari-ensemble.

Performances: Fri 6.9. 7 pm, Sat 7.9. 7 pm, Wed 11.9. 7 pm, Fri 13.9. 7 pm and Sat 14.9. 2 pm

Tickets: 27/19 euros,

Further information:,


Passionate kisses in Lohja!

Fabulous setting of operetta music in Lohja!

OperArt Jyrki Anttila produces a radiant operetta afternoon in Laurentius Hall, Lohja, in August.

The program includes arias “Dein ist mein ganzes Herz”, “Csárdáskavalier”, “Vilja-Lied” – and of course “Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß”, which the concert is named after. Audience will also be offered ambient duets from operettas Paganini, The Merry Widow and The Gypsy Princess.

Soloists in the concert are sopranos Laura Pyrrö and Anu Hälvä and tenors Jyrki Anttila and Petrus Schroderus.

Further information:

Laura Pyrrö performs at Varkauden KesäKlassinen Festival

Soprano Laura Pyrrö performs at the final concert of Varkauden KesäKlassinen Festival at Varkaus Main Church on July the 14th at 6 pm.

Other performers at the concert include Malion String Quartet from Germany and the festival’s own string ensemble.

The program consists of music from various composers, for example Jean Sibelius, Toivo Kuula, Leevi Madetoja, Yrjö Kilpinen, Oskar Merikanto, Antonio Vivaldi, Giacomo Puccini and Felix Mendelssohn.

Further information:

La Belle Époque concerts in Barcelona and Provence

Helsinki University’s Music Society arranges two concerts in collaboration with Barcelona’s Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya music university and Darius Milhaud Conservatoire in Provence.

The first concert takes place in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday, May the 19th in the music university’s hall and the second one in Aix-en-Provence, France on Wednesday, May the 22nd in the conservatoire’s hall.

The program consists of Finnish, German and French music from composers Jean Sibelius, Richard Wagner, Ernst Chausson, Gabriel Fauré, Reynaldo Hahn and Eero Tarasti, among others.

The performers in the concerts are soprano Laura Pyrrö, violinist Mikael Stoor, violist Mikko Metsälampi, cellist Jaani Helander and pianists Eila and Eero Tarasti.

Succesful opera Savitri in New Delhi

Opera Savitri was performed in New Delhi, India, in the end of March as a one-of-a-kind Finnish-Indian collaboration!

The performance took place at the Bahai Hall by the Lotus Temple, and the auditorium was packed full with contented spectators.

The production was a part of the year of celebration of the 70 Years of diplomatic relations between Finland and India, and was established by the Finnish Embassy and the Neemrana Music Foundation in New Delhi.

The performance directed by Juulia Tapola got it’s premiere in summer 2017, and in the execution in India the soloists (Laura Pyrrö, Jouni Kokora, Matias Haakana) were the same – as well as the pianist (Tiina Korhonen). Other musicians and the female choir consisting of 20 singers came from India.

In the picture posing with the soloists the Finnish Ambassador Mrs Nina Vaskunlahti. Namaste!

Hyvinkää All Stars in January

Two Hyvinkää All Stars concerts take place in Hyvinkää Hall in January!

The soloists of these concerts have either lived or studied in Hyvinkää, and Hyvinkää City Orchestra is conducted by Heikki Elo.
Besides Laura Pyrrö, the soloists include baritone Markus Nieminen, musical singer Mikael Niemi and Mika Ikonen from the band Käsityöläiset.

Welcome on Tuesday January the 29th at 4 pm and 7 pm!

The Marriage of Figaro in Joensuu!

Joensuu Opera brings this fantastic opera by W. A. Mozart on stage in January and February!

The farce-like opera buffa based on Pierre Beaumarchais’ play tells the events of a one day: how will servant Figaro be able to walk down the aisle with his beloved Susanna, when also the Count desires her and is planning to renew the “droigt de seigneur”, his frist night’s right?

Opera is directed by Markku Pölönen and Joensuu City Orchestra conducted by Huba Hollókői.
The main roles are sung by Kristian Lindroos, Laura Pyrrö, Angelika Klas, Markus Nieminen, Ann-Marie Heino, Marjatta Airas and Jukka Romu.

Performances will take place in Joensuu’s Carelia Hall; the opera is sung in Italian and subtitles in Finnish.
Premiere on Jan 25th, other performances Jan 26th, Jan 31st, Feb 1st and Feb 2nd 2019.

Tickets: Ticketmaster and Carelicum

Merikanto songs at Hetta Music Festival

The first concert of this year takes place in the mountainous scenery of Lapland!

Hetta Music Festival celebrates it’s 50th year, and in the opening concert at Enontekiö Church on Saturday, January the 5th will perform soprano Laura Pyrrö, cellist Jussi Makkonen and pianist Pekka Soranummi.

The program consists of Oskar Merikanto’s solo songs and instrumental pieces.

Other performers of the festival include pianist Paavali Jumppanen, Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra and Kokkola Quartet, among others.

Further information:

Christmas spirit for all!

Blue Notes Orhestra’s traditional christmas tour has started!

This is already the 27th year in a row, and the tour starts from Savonia, Kuopio Music Centre. The final concert takes place in North Carelia, the ambient Nurmes Church.
Blue Notes orchestra and soprano Laura Pyrrö started their collaboration year 2010 and have worked together ever since.

The orchestra is conducted by Director musices Markku Könttä and the soloists include for example Johanna Rusanen-Kartano, Elmas Mehmet and Jorma Uotinen, besides Laura.

Tour Schedule: Kuopio Music Centre on Sun December the 2nd at 3 pm, Joensuu Carelia Hall on Sat December the 8th and Sun December the 9th at 2 pm and Nurmes Church on Fri December the 14th at 7 pm.

Further information in Finnish:

Finnish musicians at the Cyclades

In October at the island of Syros in Greece takes place the 2nd Symposium of the Academy of Cultural Heritage and also a concert, in the beautiful Theatre of Apollon. The theatre building, located in the city of Ermoúpoli, was built in the 1860’s and the resemblance with the La Scala opera house in Milan, Italy is obvious.

Performers in the concert are soprano Laura Pyrrö, violinist Mikael Stoor, violist Mikko Metsälampi, cellist Jaani Helander and pianists Eila and Eero Tarasti.
The program includes music from composers Jean Sibelius, Richard Wagner, Reynaldo Hahn, Giacomo Puccini, Ernst Chausson, Gabriel Fauré and Eero Tarasti.

Further information:

Opening concert of the Satasoitto Festival in August

Soprano Laura Pyrrö and pianist Tiina Korhonen have been given the honor to give the opening concert of the 11th Satasoitto Festival on August the 24th!

The concert “Katso pohjoista taivasta – Look at the northern sky” consists of songs found from a poem collection with the same name, composed by the Finland’s First Lady Jenni Haukio. The program introduces Finland’s most beloved poets and composers (Aleksis Kivi, Eino Leino, Jean Sibelius, Oskar Merikanto etc) as well as more fresh pieces from Kaj Chydenius, for example.

Further information:

Savitri returns to summerly Helsinki!

Opera Savitri, composed by Gustav Holst and based on the ancient, Indian Mahabharata, returns after last summer’s success! The performances take place on the verdant courtyard of the Helsinki University’s Snellmania-building in the very heart of the beautiful Helsinki.

The opera is directed by Juulia Tapola and main parts sung by soprano Laura Pyrrö, bass-baritone Jouni Kokora and tenor Matias Haakana. Performers include also a quartet from Kaari-ensemble choir, a pianist, a violinist and a sitar player.

Duration approximately 40 minutes, performed in Finnish.

Performances on Friday June 8th at 7 pm and Saturday June 9th at 4 pm.

Tickets 15 euros, pre-orders, Tel 050 368 5181  or  e-mail

Laura Pyrrö starts at the board of the Beniamino Gigli Association

Soprano Laura Pyrrö has been invited to join the board of the Finnish Beniamino Gigli association. Laura’s role will be influencing and planning the musical offering of the future events. The association was founded in 1985, and during the years especially the Gigli Gala Concerts have become an important part of the Finnish classical music scene.


Lehár’s rarely seen operetta Paganini!

An operetta-rarity by Franz Lehár, Paganini, is performed in Turku, Hämeenlinna and Lohja this March and April!

Despite of it’s historical characters, this fictional story opens the great love affair between violin virtuoso Niccolò Paganini and emperor Napoleon’s sister, princess Anna Elisa.

The main parts are sung by Jyrki Anttila, Laura Pyrrö, Hedvig Paulig, Jouni Kokora, Emilia Vesalainen-Pellas, Tiina Vahevaara, Vikke Häkkinen and Ville Salonen.
Director of the production is Anselmi Hirvonen and Helsinki University Symphony Orchestra and Lohja Operetta Choir are led by conductor Mikk Murdvee.

Further information:

Laura Pyrrö as a scholarship artist in Benin

In February soprano Laura Pyrrö starts her five-week-long scholarship artist period in the Finnish-African artist residency Villa Karo!

Villa Karo is located in the town Grand Popo, right by the Gulf of Guinea, Benin. The role of Villa Karo is to act as a mediator between Finnish and African artists and cultural actors. The first residents arrived in the cultural centre year 2000 and nowadays it accomodates approximately 30 artists per year.

Besides her indepent work Pyrrö will also perform in a concert in Villa Karo on Saturday, March the 3rd.

Futher information about Villa Karo:

The New Years starts with Pori Sinfonietta

The concert year starts with an Epiphany concert Jan 6th with the accompaniment of Pori Sinfonietta orchestra!

The program includes songs and arias from composers Oskar Merikanto, Leevi Madetoja, Franz Lehár, Giacomo Puccini and Johann Strauss; among others.

The concert starts at 7 pm at the Pori Promenade Hall and the orchestra is conducted by Tibor Boganyi.

Further information:

The world celebrates with Finland!

Finland’s 100th birthday is seen and heard around the world!

In December soprano Laura Pyrrö introduces Finnish musical know-how abroad with five performances.

December 2nd to 6th she sings five times in Bangkok, Thailand, and Dec 8th to 9th she visits the Netherlands to give recitals in Haag and Amsterdam.

The concerts are arranged in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.
One of the concerts is open to all public: a christmas concert in The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bangkok on December the 3rd.

Congratulations Finland 100 years!!

HTO Orchestra turns 90 years

Helsingin Työväen Orkesteri, HTO Orchestra, turns 90 years! Jubilee concert will be held in Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki, on November 18th.

The program consists mainly of Finnish music.

The orchestra is conducted by Luis Ramirez and soprano Laura Pyrrö will perform as a soloist.

The concerts starts at 7 pm.

Tickets 15 /12 / 5 euros.

Finnish music at the Finlandia Hall

Soprano Laura Pyrrö and pianist Tiina Korhonen give a recital at the Finlandia Hall’s Helsinki Hall on Friday September the 15th at 7 pm!

The concert is a part of the Comic Opera Helsinki’s lied concert series.

Theme land of the concert is Finland, so the programme consists of Finnish music.  During the evening the audience can enjoy music from Leevi Madetoja, Erkki Melartin, Tauno Pylkkänen and Jean Sibelius, among others.

Tickets and further information:

Two rarely seen miniature operas in the Finnish National Theatre in September

Two rarely seen miniature operas from the 1920’s are performed in the Finnish National Theatre in September!

Paul Hindemith’s operas with very diverse moods, Sancta Susanna and Hin und zurück, are carried out in a breathtaking way by director Ville Saukkonen.

The main roles are sung by Laura Pyrrö, Mari Hautaniemi, Petri Bäckström, Margit Westerlund and Jouni Bäckström.

The premiere is on Tuesday September 19th at 7 pm, other performances on Sep 20th at 7 pm, Sep 22nd at 7 pm and Sep 23rd at 3 pm.

Further information and ticket reservations:

Open-air opera in Helsinki this summer!

A one-of-a-kind oppurtunity to experience magical opera in the heart of Helsinki!

Savitri, an opera composed by Gustav Holst, will be performed in Helsinki four times right before the nordic Midsummer.

The piece, located in India, processes love and death. The text is based on Mahabharata, an ancient Indian epic, and tells a story about Savitri and Satyavan and their combat against Death.

The opera is directed by Juulia Tapola and the roles sung by soprano Laura Pyrrö, bass-baritone Jouni Kokora and tenor Matias Haakana.
The events and ambiances are led onwards by the Helsinki-based Kaari-ensemble’s singers and the orchestra consists of piano, violins and sitar.

Performances are in Finnish, duration approximately 40 minutes.

The venue is a park surrounding Helsinki University’s Snellmania-building in Snellmaninkatu 14, entrance right in the corner of Liisankatu.

PERFORMANCES: FRI Jun 16th at 7 pm,  SAT Jun 17th at 2 pm,  MON Jun 19th at 7 pm,  TUE Jun 20th at 7 pm




Finland 100 Years first Jubilee concert takes place in India

India-Habitat-CentreFinland 100 Years first Jubilee concert takes place in Delhi, India!

The concert venue will be Stein Auditorium in India Habitat Centre, and Laura Pyrrö is accompanied by an Indian pianist Aching Shaiza.

The programme consists of Finnish classical music (Jean Sibelius, Oskar Merikanto, Erkki Melartin, Fredrik Pacius, Leevi Madetoja) but includes also other western art music from Schumann, Brahms and Puccini, among others.

The concert is organized by The Finnish Embassy and Neemrana Music Foundation.

For further information:

Let’s dance on Epiphany Eve!

imgresMikkeli City Orchestra’s, St. Michel Strings, traditional Epiphany Ball melodies echo in the Concert House Mikaeli on January 5th!

At first the orchestra with it’s soloists invites the audience to dance in the concert hall, and after the intermission the evening continues in a laid-back mood in the foyer of the concert house.

Many types of music will be heard during the evening: lighter opera and operetta, musical, beautiful tones by Oskar Merikanto, Italian movie themes…

The concert is conducted by Andres Kaljuste and the soloists are Laura Pyrrö and Tuukka Lehtonen.

For further information:

Concert Tour in France

Sibelius-konsertti 3_FotorTour consisting of three concerts in France starts from Aix-en-Provence on November 10th!

The tour is based on professor Eero Tarasti’s new book, Sémiotique de la musique classique.
The opus will be released on the end of October and, among other issues, it covers the work of composers Jean Sibelius and Reynaldo Hahn, which are to be heard in the concerts.

The performing artists include soprano Laura Pyrrö, violinists Petrus Laitinmäki and Oskari Eirola, violist Mikko Metsälampi and pianists Eero Tarasti and Eila Tarasti.

The first concert will be held in Aix-en-Provence 10.11. (Conservatoire Darius Milhaud), second in Paris 12.11. (Centre Hongrois) and the third one in Strasbourg 15.11. (Palais Universitaire).
The concert takes place also in Helsinki as a matinee performance in the University of Helsinki’s Language Centre’s banquet hall on Thursday November 3rd.

Gigli 2016 Gala Concert in Savoy Theatre

Gigli2_2016_Savoy (1)-001

The Finnish Beniamino Gigli Association and the Italian Cultural Institute establish a gala concert in Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, to celebrate the 102-year-old debute of this world-renowned Italian tenor.

Soloists in the concert include sopranos Laura Pyrrö and Ludovica Gasparri, tenor Mario Leonardi, baritone Kristian Lindroos and bass Markus Suihkonen.
The artists perform opera arias and duets, mainly those of the Italian repertoire. The programme consists of music from Bellini, Donizetti, Giordano, Puccini, Rossini and Verdi, among other composers.

The concert takes place on October 15th, starting at 5 pm.

Tickets in advance: Ticketmaster Suomi 0600 010 800 /

Further information:

Spring production in Pori Opera is about to start!

pimponone_1The spring production in Pori Opera is about to have it’s premiere!

The three-acted opera, Pimpinone, is composed by German Georg Philipp Telemann.

The main parts are sung by soprano Laura Pyrrö and bass baritone Jouni Kokora and the performance is directed by Ville Saukkonen. Tiina Korhonen plays the cembalo and Tyra Therman has created the visual image.
This shall be Laura Pyrrö’s debut in Pori Opera.

There are all together four performances: Friday 6.5. at 7 pm, Saturday 7.5. at 1 pm and 7 pm plus Sunday 8.5. at 2 pm.

The performances take place at Pori Old Town Hall.

Further information:

New theme song for Tuska Festival is out!

The new radio spot theme song for Tuska Festival is out now!

Tuska Festival is specialized in heavy metal music, but in their advertising campaign they have always used a far different musical genre. This year’s style is opera, and the melody is from W. A. Mozart’s opera The Marriage of Figaro. The execution is made by a team called Pain & Agony, and the singers are soprano Laura Pyrrö and baritone Markus Nieminen.

Listen to the song from here:

Opera in Kappeli

kappeliAmbient opera evenings start in Restaurant Kappeli on the 16th of March!

Restaurant Kappeli, which oozes the glamour of past times, was opened in the Esplanadi Park in Helsinki year 1867. Since then it has been widely known as a classy rendez-vous-spot.

Charmingly wistful opera arias and songs tell stories of spring, nature and love, and can be heard in the beautiful hall six times during the spring. Arias are composed by Mascagni, Mozart, Puccini and Melartin, among others.

There are two sittings on each day of the performance: 16.3., 6.4. and 13.4. at 5 pm and 8 pm.

Further information about the performance and dinner:

Welcome to The Navy Band’s christmas concerts!

Laivaston soittokunta 1The Finnish Defence Forces’ Navy Band gives it’s traditional christmas concerts in Tammisaari Church on Dec 9th and in St Michael’s Church, Turku on Dec 17th, both at 7 pm.

Soprano Laura Pyrrö and trumpetist Seppo Pohjoisaho perform as soloists, and the concerts are conducted by Captain Commander (Mus.) Petri Junna.

The repertoire consists of traditional christmas songs, oratorio arias and orchestral music. Feel welcome!

Further information:

Sibelius Jubilee Concert in Athens

Mustakallio2_FotorLaura Pyrrö performs as a soloist in Sibelius jubilee year’s concert in Megaron Hall, Athens Greece, on Thursday December the 3rd.

On December 8th, the Day of Finnish Music, 150 years has passed since Jean Sibelius, the national composer of Finland, was born.

The programme in Athens includes a collection of Sibelius’s solo songs and quintet in g minor.
Other performers in the concert are pianists Eila Tarasti and Eero Tarasti and a string quartet consisting of musicians from the University of Helsinki.

Professor Eero Tarasti gives a pre-concert lecture about Sibelius and his work.

The concert starts at 8:30 pm, tickets 5,5 – 22 euros.

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Pimpinone is back!


The hilarious burlesque baroque opera returns!

Soprano Laura Pyrrö ja baritone Jouni Kokora perform in the opera brilliantly directed by Ville Saukkonen and lusciously visualized by Tyra Therman.

The premiere of the one-hour performance, sung in Finnish, took place in KokoTeatteri, Helsinki in fall 2014. Soon Pimpinone can be spotted in several cities throughout Finland.

The tour starts in August from Rovaniemi, where the opera is accompanied by The Lapland Chamber Orchestra and baroque specialist Aapo Häkkinen. In October Pimpinone takes over the Theatre House in Turku, and in November the performances continue in Sellosali Espoo and Lahti.

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Sysmän Suvisoitto Festival 30 years

Tuuli2014_Laura_14-09-04_053b_isoSysmän Suvisoitto Festival, which has delighted the summers of the Päijänne Tavastia region, celebrates it’s 30th year. The festival has it’s focus on high-level classical music.

Suvisoitto takes place from June 28th to July 11th, and due to the year of celebration the programme is very vast.
Finnish music has also a few other reasons to celebrate: it has been 150 years from our national composer’s Jean Sibelius’s birth, our present master-composer Aulis Sallinen turned 80 years on April and Olavi Virta, one of the most beloved singers in Finland, was born in Sysmä 100 years ago.

Soprano Laura Pyrrö will perform in three different concerts. Saturday evening’s concert on July 4th introduces the many faces of chamber music, on Sunday the 5th Olavi Virta is reminisced with tango melodies and on Monday the 6th is the turn for Jean Sibelius to enchant the audience with his solo songs.

Other performers in the festival include the founder of Suvisoitto, conductor Ari Rasilainen, baritone Jorma Hynninen, tenor Mika Pohjonen, violinist Minna Pensola, pianisti Risto Lauriala, Jyväskylä Sinfonia Orchestra and Tessa Virta’s Tango Orchestra, among others.

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Laura Pyrrö stars two Fashion Shows

mll muotinäytös 2014Laura Pyrrö stars two fashion shows in Helsinki on week 19 in May.

On Tuesday the 5th of May she performs in Kulosaari Casino in a Five O’clock Tea & Fashion Show Event.
During the show she leads the audience to the most chic, Paris-like moods with pianist Ilmari Räikkönen.
The profit of the event will be donated to The Finnish Cancer Foundation.

On Thursday 7th on May Laura performs in a charity fashion show organized by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. The event takes place at Restaurant Bank at 6 pm. As last year, Laura will be seen as a model on the catwalk, like many other familiar faces from Finnish culture, politics and music: for example Laura Malmivaara, Ella Kanninen, Jani Toivola, Minna Tervamäki, Kim Herold, Maria Guzenina and Sami Saari.

The picture was taken at last year’s fashion event in Vanha, the old university building in Helsinki.

The Science Forum in Kamppi

imgresThe Science Forum is a biennial science festival, and year 2015 “Did you know this? Science in Kamppi” -happening takes place in The Kamppi Mall on January 7th to 8th.

Chosen main theme of this year is Chance – around this matter binds a series of lectures. Science in Kamppi -happening approaches science through well-known, everyday subjects: do you know, what a solar panel, bread, axe or a snowboard has to do with science?

On the main stage in Kamppi central circle audience can listen to top scientists’ interesting statements and also music; all related to the quotidian subjects. Soprano Laura Pyrrö is accompanied to the stage by accordionist Veli Kujala and Avanti! Chamber orchestra.

All the events are free to attend.

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New record “Laps’ Suomen” released now!

FCRCD-9755+CoverLaura Pyrrö’s and pianist Jouni Somero’s new CD, Laps’ Suomen, is now available from well-equipped music stores through Finland.

The recording’s repertoire consists of Finnish songs and opera arias from the 19th and 20th centuries, all sung in Finnish. The composers on this CD are Armas Järnefelt, Heino Kaski, Leevi Madetoja, Erkki Melartin, Oskar Merikanto and Fredrik Pacius.

All the songs selected to this recording are graceful in classic and timeless ways and the themes are drawn from romantic nationalism.

One first reconrding is also included: Erkki Melartin’s song “Mirjamin laulu III”. It was originally incuded in Eino Leino’s dramatized fairy play Meiram, which had it’s premiere in the early 1900’s. This song was reckoned to be lost a long time ago, until the quests bared fruit and an orchestra score was found in August.

The recording is produced by FC-Records and distributed by Naxos.
You can also order this CD directly from e-mail address laura @

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Burlesque Baroque Opera about lust, abuse and credulity

Pimpinone+kuvat+141+muokattuGeorg Philipp Telemann’s flaccid baroque opera in KokoTeatteri!

Young bombshell Vespetta fantasizes about a better life and decides to acquire a high-class millionaire to sustain her. The new employer, older gentleman Pimpinone, turns out to be an excellent target. In order to get married Vespetta pretends to be a well-behaved and decent lady in a way that would make anyone else but Pimpinone suspicious about the accuracy of her stories.

The performance is outstandingly funny, extremely entertaining and musically splendid.
The opera is directed by Ville Saukkonen and visualised by Tyra Therman. Main roles are sung by soprano Laura Pyrrö and baritone Jouni Kokora.
Duration approximately an hour, performed in Finnish.

Premiere Fri 31.10., other performances Mon 3.11., Wed 5.11., Thu 6.11. and Fri 21.11., all at 7 pm.

Tickets: (Tel 050 321 9919), (Tel 0600 116 16)
Further information:

Sales for private occasions: producer Milla Tommila (Tel 044 294 5522)

YouTube link:

Operetta Gala on a concert tour

operettigaala_fullhd+jkylaOperetta Gala concert tour organized by Alexander Theatre starts on September 18th!

The first concert is held in the Jyväskylä Pavilion, and then the tour continues to Kuopio Music Centre and Savonlinna Hall. More concerts around Finland will follow in the spring 2015.

Concert soloists are sopranos Laura Pyrrö and Johanna Rusanen-Kartano and baritone Raimo Laukka; chamber orchestra is conducted by Janne Hovi. The program includes most beloved arias and duets from operettas composed by Franz Lehár and Emmerich Kálmán, among others. Tickets from Lippupalvelu!

Laura Pyrrö as a guest artist in Four Winds Festival

pyrro_13-01-09_017_2_isoLaura Pyrrö visits Levi as a guest artist in Neljän Tuulen Festivaali – Four Winds Festival on September 10th to 13th.

She will perform in Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera Mozart and Salieri on Wednesday the 10th, in Samimusic goes Classic -concert on Thursday the 11th and in the final concert, Two Masters – Mozart and Beethoven, on Saturday the 13th. In the final concert the artistic director of the festival, Ari Rasilainen, will be conducting Saimaa Sinfonietta.

Welcome to Lapland to enjoy magnificent music, arctic hill scenery and the colors of autumn!

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Opera in Lohjan Tenoripäivät

tenoripäivätLohjan Tenoripäivät Festival has organized an impressive advertising campaign around the greater Helsinki area, and on August 16th at 7 pm one of the performances will take place in Laurentius Hall!

The ensemble of N. Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera Mozart and Salieri and W. A. Mozart’s motet Exsultate, jubilate was originally produced by Ooppera Artico and has been performed in Helsinki (2012), Hyvinkää (2012) and Rovaniemi (2013).

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Tähdet, tähdet launches at channel MTV3!

1807753A new entertainment show starts at channel MTV3 on Sunday March 9th! In the program eight professional singers, all from different musical genres, contend for the titel of the best entertainer. Everyone invests in the show a great deal by performing music mainly unknown for themselves before, inclunding everything between hip hop and musical. The contestants are Laura Pyrrö, Jari Sillanpää, Vicky Rosti, Stig, Timo Rautiainen, Irina, Olli Herman and Diandra. A jury consisting of professionals evaluates the performances, but  only the viewers decide who gets to continue in the race. May the Star Wars begin!

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Tell me the Truth about Love!

LauraPyrrö_c_LauriTuisku_editNo matter are you an enchanting mademoiselle from paris, a fateful Gypsy princess from Hungary or a rakish wench from Carelia: everyone is fascinated and tormented by the same cause – love. This ancient myth will be unwrapped with cabaret music, operetta, chansons and folk songs. Feelings vary from ecstasy to despair and writing farewell letters – with a hint of humor! Did Nanna keep on trusting love, did Vilja return to her beloved one – or is it worth it in anyway to cry just about love?

Soprano Laura Pyrrö and pianist Tiina Korhonen lead the audience to amorous feelings in Music Theatre Kapsäkki in Helsinki on Sunday February 23rd at 3 pm and in Taiteilijakoti Erkkola in Tuusula on Sunday May 25th at 6 pm and 8 pm.

The performance lasts about an hour, and songs will be heard in Finnish, English, French and German.

Further information:,  www,

Mozart and Salieri meet in Rovaniemi

1185175_10151857719561508_946886250_nTwo ingenious composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, meet in Korundi House of Culture in Rovaniemi!

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s about a 45-minute-long opera based on Alexander Puškin’s play tells one version of Mozart’s last night: what drove him in to premature death only in the age of 35?

Soloists in the opera are soprano Laura Pyrrö (Mozart) and baritone Jouni Kokora (Salieri). Anselmi Hirvonen is responsible for the direction, and well-known Lapland Chamber Orchestra is conducted by John Storgårds.

There are two performances: on Wednesday 25th of September and Thursday 26th of September, both at 7 pm in Korundi House of Culture’s Korundi Hall.

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La Voix humaine – Story of an Abandoned Woman

19252_296181456071_5067468_nFrancis Poulenc’s touching monologue opera La Voix humaine is performed in Aino Ackté’s Chamber Music Festival in Helsinki.

The opera is based on Jean Cocteau’s play and it’s premiere took place in Paris year 1959.

This is a story of a woman whose five-year-long relationship has ended only a few days earlier: her lover has left her in order to get engaged with his new crush. The woman tries all possible ways from flattering and luring to blackmailing and threatening  to get the love of her life back. The whole opera is heard as a telephone conversation, and the audience can hear only the woman’s lines.

The opera is performed in Agricola Club on the 5th of August at 7 pm. Further information:

The Magic Flute gives a start to the Tampere Opera Festival

65668_548282545215237_356661357_nThe most performed opera in the world, W. A. Mozart’s The Magic Flute, gives a start to the Tampere Opera Festival which is held for the first time on June 27th to 29th.

The magical opera from the battle of good and evil with a prince and a princess, a dragon and bird-like humans is ideal also for children!

Soloists include Laura Pyrrö, Ville Salonen, Markus Nieminen, Hannu Forsberg and Krista Kujala.

Opera will be performed on the Tampere Comedy Theater’s covered open-air stage, which fits more than 800 viewers – in the heart of Tampere.

The Magic Flute will be performed on June 28th at 7 pm and 29th at 2 pm.

The festival starts with a gala concert on June 27th at 7 pm by the performers of the festival.

Defence Forces Military Band’s tour “Song to the Moon” visits 4 cities

Defence Forces Military Band’s spring tour “Song to the Moon” visits four cities in Southern Finland. Soprano Laura Pyrrö will be singing as a soloist in the concerts, and the program includes enchantingly beautiful Song to the Moon from Antonin Dvorak’s opera Rusalka, Spanish song Hijo de la Luna made famous by Montserrat Caballe, Theo Mackeben’s dramatic Schlager Warum, Lasse Mårtenson’s majestic Storm-skär’s Maja and the all-time favorite composing for all the Finns, Finlandia by Jean Sibelius; among others. First concert takes place on April 9th in The Church of the Cross in Lahti, from where the tour continues to Kouvola, Hyvinkää and Orimattila.

Laura Pyrrö sings Chanson & Cabaret!

An enchanting trip back in time to the early 1900’s with chanson and cabaret music!

The moods vary from Berlin’s smoky taverns to the banks of Seine; all the way to the glitter and glamour of Broadway. Passionate love songs, writing farewell letters, dreaming about a new life…

Some rare excuisite compositions are heard, but also more familiar songs like Mack the Knife, Can’t help lovin’ dat man, Just of those things, Nur nicht aus Liebe weinen. The concert consists of music from composers Kurt Weill, Cole Porter and Erik Satie, among others.

Soprano Laura Pyrrö and pianist Tiina Korhonen lead the audience into an unforgattable ambiance.

Two concerts are held on Friday Oct 19th at 8 pm and Thursday Nov 1st at 7 pm

The venue is the Club Scene at the Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki, tickets 15 euros

Further information:

The Voice of Aino at Lahti Sibelius Festival 9.9.

The Voice of Aino -performance opens up a new perspective to life beside a great artist and Finland’s national composer, Jean Sibelius.
About an-hour-long performance consists of Jean Sibelius’s solo songs and Aino Sibelius’s letters to her husband, including excerpts from her diaries.
Many of Sibelius’s most popular compostitions are heard, for example “Var det en dröm?”, “Flickan kom ifrån sin älsklings möte” and “Demanten på marssnön”, but also some more rare songs are included, like “Kyssen”, “Jag är ett träd” and “Hertig Magnus”.
The part of Aino is performed by actress Tiia Louste, soprano Laura Pyrrö sings the songs and Tiina Korhonen plays the piano. The performance is directed by Kari Heiskanen.
The Voice of Aino had it’s premiere in Savonlinna Hall summer 2009, and since then it has been performed in Jyväskylä Summer city festival, Oulainen Music Weeks, The New Pavilion in Kauniainen and The Finland Institute in Stockholm, Sweden among many other occasions.
The concert starts at 11:00 am and gives a closure to the festival.
Further information:

The Magic Flute enchants at The Savonlinna Opera Festival

W. A. Mozart’s The Magic Flute has charmed it’s audience at The Savonlinna Opera Festival for several decades and returns to entertain for the honour of the 100-year-old festival! The opera was originally directed by August Everding and The Savonlinna Opera Festival Orchestra is conducted by Will Humburg, main roles sung by Jaakko Ryhänen, Marjukka Tepponen, Jussi Myllys, Arttu Kataja, Sirkka Lampimäki and Laura Pyrrö.

Premiere on Mon 9.7., other performances Thu 12.7., Mon 16.7., Wed 18.7., Tue 24.7. and Fri 27.7., all 7 pm.
Further information:

Link to a youtube-videoclip from the general rehearsal published by the opera festival:

Ooppera Artico goes rococo: Ars longa, vita brevis!

As it’s second production, Ooppera Artico brings on stage Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera in one act, Mozart and Salieri, and a scenic prologue which includes W. A. Mozart’s motet Exsultate, jubilate (KV165).

Opera is based on Alexander Pushkin’s play and got it’s premiere in 1898.
In the opera Salieri greatly admires Mozart’s music. Still he curses, that God gave himself only the passion for composing but not even close Mozart’s gifts and ability to put it into practice. So he feels, that as a task given from above, he has to eliminate Mozart: not a single great man remembered decades after can get through life without committing a murder! Salieri pretends to be Mozart’s loyal companion and supporter in order to get the opportunity to poison him.

The opera will be performed in Finnish, motet in Latin.

Cast of the performance: soprano Laura Pyrrö, baritone Jouni Kokora, direction Anselmi Hirvonen.

Guest Stage in Tunturikatu, Tunturikatu 16 Helsinki

PERFORMANCES: Thu 22.3., Sat 24.3., Tue 3.4., Wed 4.4., Thu 5.4., Wed 11.4., Fri 13.4., Sat 14.4., all at 7 pm
Ticket reservations from Q-teatteri ticket office 09-45421333, collect from the door half an hour in advance.

Merikanto-tour supported by Concert Centre starts in October

Soprano Laura Pyrrö, cellist Jussi Makkonen and pianist Rait Karm leave for a tour around Finland with a Merikanto program.

The program of the concert consist of music of Oskar Merikanto, a beloved Finnish composer. The music numbers performed include Valse Lente, Kevätlinnuille etelässä, Kun päivä paistaa and Ma elän!, among others. Besides the musical part, Jussi and Laura tell facts and interesting stories about the composer’s childhood, studies abroad and his work as a composer, organist and a pianist – Merikanto was a true multi-talent and plaeyd many roles in the Finnish music scene.

The tour stars in the beginning of October from Nokia, and other cities visited during the semester include Tampere, Ylöjärvi, Turku and Pyhäjoki, among others.

The performance is especially suitable for young people and children attending basic school and high school, and the spoken parts will be altered according to the age of the audience.

For further information visit

The Medium takes over Oulu Opera

Gian Carlo Menotti’s opera in two acts, a psychological thriller The Medium is on premiere on The Oulu City Theater’s main stage on September 2nd at 7 pm.

In the opera an aging medium, Madame Flora sets up spiritualistic séances together with her daughter Monica and mute, adopted helper boy Toby to bring comfort to those who have lost their loved ones. Suddenly the plot turns tricky when surrounded by dark, external world-like supernaturalness she feels strangling hands on her throat and starts hearing voices others don’t hear.

Director of the opera is Leena Salonen, Oulu Sinfonia is conduted by Jari Hämäläinen and main parts will be sung by Laura Pyrrö and Marjatta Airas. The performances go on until September 24th, further information

Can love be saved by a telephone? Evening of two miniature operas

New Finnish opera association Ooppera Artico brings it’s first production on stage: two miniature operas, Menotti’s The Telephone and Poulenc’s La voix humaine. The joyful lightness of the beginning’s comedy turns into a crushing drama leaving a telephone the only implement to maintain a relationship, which is inevitabily drifting towards it’s end. Both of the operas will be performed in Finnish.

Cast of the performance: soprano Laura Pyrrö, baritone Jouni Kokora, direction Anselmi Hirvonen.

Guest Stage in Tunturikatu, Tunturikatu 16 Helsinki

PERFORMANCES: Thu 24.3. Tue 29.3. Wed 30.3. Fri 1.4. Sat 2.4., performances at 7 pm
Ticket reservations from Q-teatteri ticket office 09-45421333, collect from the door half an hour in advance.

Laura Pyrrö’s “Jos olet mun!” album out on October 14th 2010

Oskar Merikanto’s most beloved solo songs and more rare production with new, fresh arrangements! Soprano Laura Pyrrö, violinist Liisa Makkonen, cellist Jussi Makkonen, pianist Rait Karm. The album is produced by Nova Records and distributed by Sony BMG.

Further information: